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ELR Cadillac’s Version of Volt

GM says the name is indicative of the car’s electric propulsion technology.

General Motors says it will badge Cadillac’s version of the Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle the ELR.

The auto maker says development of the model, based on the Cadillac Converj Concept car, is “moving forward” but that it won’t have details on performance, price and market timing until later.

Unlike the Volt, the ELR is a 2-door coupe, not a 4-door sedan. The name was selected to indicate the car’s electric propulsion technology, while remaining within Cadillac’s 3-letter “international naming convention,” GM says.

“The concept generated instant enthusiasm,” Don Butler, vice president-Cadillac marketing, says in a statement. “Like other milestone Cadillac models of the past, the ELR will offer something not otherwise present – the combination of electric propulsion with striking design and the fun of luxury coupe driving.”

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