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2016 Student Design Contest Winners

Innovative vehicle interiors were the focus of the 2016 WardsAuto Interiors Conference and a special part of the agenda recognized winners of an annual design competition among transportation design students at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, which has trained many of the auto industry’s top designers.

Takashi Kumamoto was awarded the grand prize trophy at the conference, in front of an audience of 600 automotive designers and engineers.

Josh (Gwon Young) Kim won the Lear Innovation Award with a beautifully drawn Bugatti concept built around an innovative center console made from wispy but super-strong touch-sensitive textiles. The Lear Innovation Award is given to the student whose work includes specific design or technical innovation the judges deem particularly inspired and forward-thinking.

Yifan Liu won the IAC EcoBlend Award for his BMW concept featuring advanced natural materials such as super-strong spider silk. The IAC EcoBlend Award goes to the student whose design or concept best embraces green mobility and uses lightweight renewable/recyclable materials and other Earth-friendly innovations. (See related story: Young Designers Honored at WardsAuto Interiors Conference).

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