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Aqua sold outside Japan as Prius C topselling hybrid through June
<p><strong>Aqua, sold outside Japan as Prius C, top-selling hybrid through June.</strong></p>

Toyota Remains Unchallenged Global Hybrid Leader

Toyota sold 665,740 hybrids in the year&rsquo;s first six months, 4.1% ahead of last year&#39;s record pace. Honda followed with global sales of 158,696 units, a 105.8% spike, while Hyundai jumped 33% to 27,118.

TOKYO – Japanese automakers report growth in global hybrid sales in the first six months of 2014 while Korean brands report mixed results.

Hybrid deliveries between January and June, not counting Nissan and truck makers such as Hino, grew to more than 892,000 units, up more than 20% year-on-year.

Leading the field again was Toyota, which sold 665,740 hybrids, 4.1% ahead of last year's record pace. Toyota was followed by Honda, with global sales of 158,696 units, soaring 105.8%, and Hyundai, jumping an estimated 33% to 27,118,.

Fuji Heavy Industries, maker of Subaru cars, delivered 12,941 XV Hybrid models introduced in June 2013, so there are no meaningful half-year comparisons.

Kia’s 6-month total, mainly on the strength of the Optima Hybrid, was 10,057, down 25%, while sales of Mazda's Axela Hybrid totaled 4,600. The Axela, which employs Toyota hybrid components, came on the market in October.

Mitsubishi sold an estimated 13,000 Outlander plug-in hybrids, up nearly threefold from the previous year when problems with its lithium-ion battery forced the suspension of production for several months after the model's January 2013 introduction. Deliveries through June included 5,500 in Japan and 7,500 in Europe.

Nissan’s global hybrid sales for first-half 2014 were not available, but it moved 8,387 units in Japan and another 3,715 in the U.S, according to WardsAuto data. The automaker offers four hybrid models in the U.S.: the Infiniti Q50 (sold in Japan as the Fuga Hybrid), Infiniti Q70, Infiniti QX60 and Pathfinder Hybrid.

Nissan also sells two other hybrids in the Japanese market, the luxury Cima and Skyline.

Of hybrids sold globally in the year’s first six months, the Japanese market accounted for 84.5%, or 134,163 units. Following Japan was the U.S. (14,055 units); Asia and Oceania (5,834); and Europe (4,106).

Japanese automakers produced 779,689 hybrids during the period, including 604 trucks and 43 buses. Production value, according to Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, totalled ¥1.7 trillion ($174.5 billion).

The top-selling models were Toyota's Aqua, sold outside Japan as the Prius C, registering volume of 148,250 units. The Aqua was followed by the Toyota Prius with 128,940 units; Honda's Fit Hybrid (74,717); Toyota's Prius Alpha, sold overseas as the Prius v (65,490); and Toyota's Camry Hybrid (37,590).

Of Toyota's global sales total, including the plug-in Prius, 55.7% (370,970 units) were in Japan and 44.3% (294,770) overseas, where the Prius, Auris and Camry were the biggest sellers. Lexus hybrids accounted for 11.2% of sales.

After the Aqua/Prius C, Prius, Prius Alpha/Prius v and Camry Hybrid, Toyota’s top-selling hybrids were the Auris (36,790 units); Yaris (30,250); Corolla Fielder (25,000); and Lexus CT200h (24,950).

Toyota produces the Camry Hybrid in Thailand and Australia and the Prius in Thailand and China. The Auris and Yaris hybrids are built in the U.K. and France, respectively.

Honda, in addition to the Fit Hybrid, sold 37,693 Vexels; 13,554 Freeds and Spikes, 12,295 Accords (standard 2-motor type); 7,909 Fit Shuttles; 4,446 Insights; 4,071 CR-Zs; and 3,710 Civics.

The Civic now is being produced in the U.S., in addition to Thailand and the U.K. Honda assembles its Fit and Jazz hybrids in Thailand and Malaysia, and the new Accord Hybrid in Thailand.

All Mazda Axela Hybrid sales (4,600 units) were in the Japanese market.

Of 12,941 Subaru XV Hybrids sold during the period, 8,529 were in Japan and 4,422 in the U.S. and Canada.

In 2013, Subaru sold 8,403 units including 8,063 in Japan, where it launched the car in June, 327 in the U.S. (rolled out in November) and 13 in Canada (on sale since December).

Nissan, the world's leader in electric cars, delivered 26,730 Leaf models between January and June, with sales running slightly ahead of last year's record pace when the full-year total reached 47,109 units. Following Nissan was Mitsubishi, with 920 domestic EV deliveries and 1,357 overseas shipments.

In South Korea, Kia sold 2,679 K5 and Optima hybrids and 2,158 K7 models. It also delivered 218 Soul EVs. Outside its home market, the automaker sold 7,378 Optima Hybrids including 6,782 in the U.S. and Canada.

Sister company Hyundai sold 11,129 hybrids in South Korea, including 8,088 Grandeurs and 3,041 Sonatas, and 15,989 Sonata Hybrids overseas.

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