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Third-Best January for Mexico LV Sales

Third-Best January for Mexico LV Sales

Consumers in Mexico drove an average of 4,361 new LVs off showroom floors on each of 25 selling days last month, down from the 5,126-a-day pace seen in January 2017, when there were only 24 days.

One more selling day in 2018 in Mexico wasn’t enough to match last year’s January sales, falling 14.9% to 109,017 compared to best-ever 2017’s 123,034. Despite the plummet, last month still was a third-best January, trailing 2016’s 119,624.

Car sales plunged 21.5% to 65,624 compared to year-ago’s 80,269. Nissan reclaimed the No.1 spot in January despite a 15.9% drop in sales to 16,210. Volkswagen slid into second place but also dropped 30.4% to 12,419 units. General Motors, the No.1 spot holder last month, plummeted 52.3% in sales and dropped to only a 10.0% market share. Sales of the Chevrolet Aveo, Sonic and Spark suffered and stole the spotlight from the all-new Beat. The Nissan Versa, the top-selling car in January, started the year strong at 7,621 units, an 11.6% increase compared to like-2017’s 6,557.

Dealers in Mexico needed an extra selling day in January after light-truck sales fell just 2.6% short to 43,393. Nissan held onto first place with a 23.9% market share despite a 5.2% drop to 10,385 units. Honda’s CR-V outsold last January by 107.7%, placing Honda in second place with total sales soaring 25.6%. GM, no longer in the top five, fell 58.6% and lost nearly six percentage points in market share.

Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, GM, and Honda made up 62.7% of Mexico light-vehicle sales in January, with Toyota being the only automaker in that group to post a gain (+10.6%). Dealers in Mexico set several records in the past two years that will be difficult to beat throughout 2018.

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