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Studiotorinorsquos Moncenisio
<p> <strong>Studiotorino&rsquo;s Moncenisio.</strong></p>

Studiotorino to Build Handful of Porsche Cayman S Conversions

The car makes extensive use of carbon-fiber panels and eliminates the Cayman&rsquo;s rear side windows for a sleek appearance.

TURIN, Italy – Design house Studiotorino says it will produce a limited run of “up to 20” copies of its latest project, a special-edition conversion of Porsche Cayman S.

Called the Moncenisio, the 2-seater is named after the Alpine pass famous for its stunning landscape and the first ever hill-climb race, the “Susa – Moncenisio” that took place in 1902 and was won by Vincenzo Lancia.

“The design is inspired by the mythical Porsche 904 and its unique rear bonnet, but references to Porsche iconic features go further,” Studiotorino Managing Director Alfredo Stola says.

Penned by Daniele Gaglione, who led design of the 8c for Alfa Romeo, the project makes extensive use of optional equipment and aftermarket components developed by Porsche for the Cayman S, including ceramic brakes.

The guidelines for the project are clear and call for an exclusive, slightly exotic and yet discreet sports car with no changes to the original Porsche power-and-drive-train and suspension settings. The only mechanical components exclusive to the Moncenisio are the 20-in. forged-aluminum wheels produced by F1 specialists 2elle Engineering.

The entire rear bonnet, front and rear bumpers, as well as side panels, are made of carbon fiber. Steel panels replace the rear side glass, and the cockpit gets a bulkhead to isolate passengers from the rear engine bay.

A special badge carrying the production sequence number will identify all converted cars.

The first prototype of the Moncenisio will be ready for unveiling in November.

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