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Polish workers pleased to be building nextgen Astra sedan
<p> <strong>Polish workers pleased to be building next-gen Astra sedan.</strong></p>

Opel Launches Production of New-Generation Astra Sedan

Next week&rsquo;s Moscow auto show will mark Opel&rsquo;s first automotive world premiere in Russia, Europe&rsquo;s third-biggest market for the Astra.

VIENNA – Volume output of the new-generation Opel Astra sedan begins at the General Motors Manufacturing Poland plant in Gliwice, Poland.

The portfolio of the Polish facility now includes three body versions of the Astra IV: the 5-door hatchback, 4-door sedan and 3-door GTC coupe including its sporty OPC version. The Gliwice plant also continues production of the old Astra III sedan, called the Astra Classic.

The new Astra sedan will be unveiled next week at the Moscow auto show. Opel for the first time is celebrating an automotive world premiere in Russia, Europe’s third-biggest market for the Astra after Germany and the U.K.

Opel sold 47,166 vehicles in Russia this year through August, up 28.9% from like-2011. The total included 32,447 Astras of two generations, up 23.3%.

Russia is a typical sedan market; last year in the compact segment, 51% of Russian customers opted for a sedan.

Both the previous-generation Astra and its successor will be built in Russia. However, while the old Astra sedan is assembled from semi-knocked-down kits by contract-assembler Avtotor in Kaliningrad, the new version will be produced at the GM plant in St. Petersburg from complete-knocked-down kits with increasing local content.

Pilot production of the new-generation Astra sedan is under way in St. Petersburg, with volume output to launch later this year.

Both the old and new sedans’ assembly kits are sourced from Poland.

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