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Canada Big Trucks Drop in November

Canada Big Trucks Drop in November

Class 8 sales down 20.4% with each truck maker posting large losses.

Canada’s big-truck makers declined again, posting a combined Class 4-8 sales drop of 12.5% on 2,830 deliveries.

Class 8 sales fell the most, down 20.4% from year-ago. All truck makers in this group saw big declines. Mack (-51.2%) and Volvo (-37.7%) suffered the biggest drops in the group. Kenworth and Peterbilt posted losses of 18.4% and 11.6%, respectively. Freightliner was the group leader, declining only 9% from like-2015.

In the medium-duty segment, sales rose 9.9% to 931 units from 782 in the same-month 2015. A large double-digit gain in Class 7 offset the loss in smaller-volume Class 4.

In Class 7, a 108.3% rise in volume leader International sales and a 48.4% boost posted by Kenworth drove the segment to a 33.8% gain. Ford (23.1%) and Hino (22.4%) saw big gains, while Freightliner (2.8%) and Peterbilt (3.2%) posted more subtle gains.

Class 6 sales recorded a small gain of 2.0% with the help of Ford and International jumping 223.1% and 315.4%, respectively. Hino also rose 12.8%, but Freightliner plummeted 38.5%.

Class 5 domestic and import lines both posted gains for an overall increase of 5.3%. Isuzu’s import line nearly doubled, rising 48.3% to 53 units. Freightliner (38.5%) and Ford (12.7%) also increased sales from year-ago. Hino dropped 15.3%, and International plunged 65.4%.

For the third month in a row, sales of Class 4 trucks fared the worst among all medium-duty truck segments. Deliveries fell 13.6% to 103 units from 110 year-ago. The domestic lineup increased due to Isuzu’s jump of 115.4%, but it wasn’t enough with Hino and Isuzu import lineups dropping 28.2% and 67.9%, respectively.

Year-to-date, Canadian medium- and heavy-duty truck volume is down 18.0% through November on sales of 32,661 from like-2015’s 39,823.

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