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Associate Editor Byron Pope reviews Honda CRV door trim during video shoot
<p> <strong>Associate Editor Byron Pope reviews Honda CR-V door trim during video shoot.</strong></p>

2012 Ward’s 10 Best Interiors Quick Hits

A concise summation of every interior evaluated as part of the 2012 competition.


Audi A6 ($67,430)
Fastidious fit-and-finish, but some models priced too close to A7.

Audi A7 Sportback ($67,430)
Lovely confluence of wood and metal make this liftback another Ingolstadt homerun.

BMW 335i ($55,745)
Thanks for listening to our pleas for more variety and styling in BMW interiors.

Buick Verano ($27,345)
This interior sets Buick on a sound path to brand redefining its target audience.

Chevrolet Sonic ($18,745)
Flexible, fun and funky interior can be had for under $20k. Bravo Chevy.

Chevrolet Malibu Eco ($29,380)
Cool horizontal slats connect IP and door, but there’s too much brightwork, faux wood.

Chrysler 300 Luxury ($44,855)
We loved the 300 last year, but Lancia designers made it even better.

Dodge Dart ($21,485)
Two sophisticated display screens, sport seats, heated seats and nav for $21k? Really?

Dodge Grand Caravan R/T ($34,360)
Come on, guys, driving a minivan really isn’t all that bad.

Fiat 500 Abarth ($22,000 base)
Bright red seats, door trim draw you in, but only if you don’t need the back seat.

Ford Flex ($46,890)
Has all the functionality of a minivan but is slightly cooler; excellent third row.

Ford Mustang ($42,550)
Still a benchmark for its segment, and the Recaros are worth the price.

Ford Taurus SHO ($46,275)
Interior is slightly improved, but does a sport sedan need massaging seats?

Honda Civic Si ($24,675)
Badly lapped by several competitors. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Honda CR-V ($30,605)
This new CUV was in the hunt with clean styling, expertly designed folding second row.

Hyundai Accent ($15,925)
Leaves us wondering how a car priced under $16k can look so good, feel so right.

Hyundai Azera ($36,875)
Unless you need RWD, Azera could become the more stylish alternative to Genesis sedan.

Hyundai Genesis coupe ($25,125)
A lot of content for the money, but color accents needed to break up black-on-black.

Hyundai Veloster ($21,395)
Gorgeous color and bold styling inside. But interior writes a check the engine can’t cash.

Infiniti JX35 ($54,800)
Excellent value and feature content for a stylish 7-passenger CUV.

Kia Rio ($18,345)
Truly raises bar for subcompact interiors, but sibling Hyundai Accent does so with more flair.

Lincoln MKS ($58,265)
Egregious trim fits surrounding backlight. At this price, Lincoln must do better.

Lincoln MKT ($58,045)
Panoramic roof is an asset, but gray and brown color combination does not work.

Mazda3 ($19,245)
Bland, basic interior in a segment filling with superstars; backseat cramped.

Mazda CX-5 ($30,415)
Clean, straightforward design makes for excellent ergonomics; narrowly edges out Honda CR-V.

Mercedes C250 coupe ($43,790)
Prepared to duke it out with all-new BMW 3-Series; love the power head restraints.

Mercedes ML350 Bluetec ($77,025)
Beautiful, comfortable luxury package, but is it really worth $77k?

Mercedes SLK350 ($65,265)
An owner could feel right at home in this interior for years. Air Scarf rocks!

Mini Cooper S Coupe ($33,150)
Mini has struck gold with unmistakable styling, but fan base is limited.

Porsche 911 S ($122,925)
Fitting design for high-end sports car, but interior doesn’t sell it.

Range Rover Evoque ($49,745)
There’s nothing wrong with making iconic British off-road vehicles accessible to more buyers.

Scion iQ ($17,068)
3+1 seating is extremely clever, but interior is noisy and package isn’t worth $17,000.

Subaru Impreza ($25,714)
White stitching, metallic accents work well, but rivals in this segment are more stylish.

Toyota Camry ($33,105)
Toyota making progress with Camry interior, but it’s time to take some risks.

Toyota Prius C ($25,140)
An attempt to be funky results in an interior that feels schizophrenic; grays are mismatched.

Toyota Prius V ($36,330)
Offers cavernous backseat, but interior generally reveals cost-cutting strategy.

Volkswagen Beetle ($25,195)
Wolfsburg turns loose its best interior designers in recasting Bug for a new generation.

Volkswagen Jetta GLI ($24,595)
Not a bad design, but a little too monochromatic; red stitching helps as accent.

Volkswagen Passat ($29,895)
Very comfortable and spacious, but interior overall is too spartan.

Volvo S60 R-Design ($46,875)
A well-done interior, but a bit too predictable.

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