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Rachel Pierson

Auto Marketers, Are You Talking to Me?

Personalize messaging to better speak to customers based on their preferences and needs.

Automotive marketers are challenged to maximize ad returns with a smaller budget, no small feat.

The path to vehicle purchase is often long and complicated. In-market customers spend 59% of their time researching vehicles and brands online, meaning marketers must think about how they’re engaging customers across their digital channels.

This is where personalization makes all the difference. Studies show up to 80% of customers are more likely to do business with a company that personalizes experiences.

By leveraging first-party data to understand each customer’s specific product interests, demographics, search history and where they are in their purchase journey, marketers can personalize messaging to better speak to customers based on their preferences and needs.

Data-driven targeting and retargeting can bridge the gap between the beginning of the journey and the final purchase.

Today, many marketers are unable to recognize individual customers across touchpoints, making it harder to target their most engaged customers. Only 15.3% of marketers say their organization is able to identify audiences accurately and consistently.

Identity resolution (IDR) capabilities identify engaged customers across devices and touchpoints, no matter where they are in the customer journey. Without IDR capabilities, marketers overspend by targeting consumers who may not be in-market or ready to convert. Additionally, customers who receive fragmented or irrelevant messaging are less likely to convert.

IDR helps marketers attribute multiple devices and sessions to the same customer. Marketers can then engage those customers with the right message at the right time.

Maximize the wealth of your first-party data. Leveraging valuable customer data drives customer engagement and encourages conversion. Recognize and understand customers throughout their path to purchase.

Rachel Pierson is global director-strategic accounts for technology company IgnitionOne.

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