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HiPhi A pushing boundaries of performance for BEVs.

HiPhi's Hypercar Claims 4-Digit Horsepower

Chinese automaker employs electric motors capable of 22,000 rpm for extended periods.

Chinese premium battery-electric vehicle maker HiPhi is launching a hypercar boasting the equivalent of 1,287 hp and hoping to push the boundaries of performance.

Its HiPhi A is the company’s first vehicle created in collaboration with a race car partner to be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show later this week. It says the car combines its own battery pack expertise with WESAIL New Energy Automotive’s Apollo traditional performance construction elements.

The 4-door 4-seater claims a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint time of just over 2 seconds and a targeted top speed of nearly 186 mph (300 km/h). It features HiPhi's own in-house-developed powertrain based on an 800V platform with the electric drive assembly using a front-axle single-motor drive and rear dual-motor drive.

The motors adopt an ultra-high-speed carbon-fiber rotor design capable of 22,000 rpm over a period of more than 30 minutes aided by oil-cooling and magnetic cylinder coil direct-cooling technology. Its battery pack claims to be able to discharge 1.5MW of power at peak and features a carbon-fiber impact-proof bottom shield and a fireproof sprayed-carbon-fiber top cover.

Its chassis claims dynamic driving control using rear-wheel active steering, continuously variable suspension damping and a front-to-rear axle weight ratio close to 50:50. It also will be equipped with HiPhi’s torque vectoring control technology claiming 15% improvement in cornering and 10% improvement in braking performance over rival hypercar products.

David Ding, HiPhi founder, chairman and CEO, says: “Current trends will always continue to evolve and change with the advancement of technology and the passage of time, while classic and refined luxury has an enduring appeal. From the internal combustion engine era to the new era of intelligent electric mobility, the top hypercars should represent the pinnacle of innovative technology while still paying tribute to the classics, showcasing the transformative nature as a way to look toward the future.” 

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