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Participating dealers would do various maintenance work, such as tire changes and rotations, Fraser says.

Fleet-Service Provider Pivet Recruiting Auto Dealers

“Pivet’s biggest opportunity to grow is through partnerships with local dealers,” says company executive Alex Fraser.

Cox Automotive’s fleet-service provider Pivet is actively recruiting auto dealers to maintain and repair vehicles in its network.

It’s a chance for dealerships to grow their fixed-operations business “to win, now and tomorrow,” says Alex Fraser, Pivet’s assistant vice president.

“As fleet services continue to expand, we see so much opportunity for dealers to establish quick wins today that will translate into long-term business strategies,” he says.

Because they have the facilities and personnel to keep cars in working order, “dealers are positioned to be a big part of fleet fixed operations,” he says.

Most dealership service departments focus on repairing and maintaining individual customers’ vehicles. Fraser suggests dealers who expand into fleet maintenance would mutually benefit themselves and his firm.

Pivet’s logistics network manages 9.4 million vehicles annually, he says. It works with other Cox Automotive units, such as Manheim, an auction chain that also reconditions vehicles. About 3 million vehicles a year are reconditioned in the Pivet network.

Pivet is pioneering fleet services of the future, Fraser says, citing the predicted increase in the electric- and connected-vehicle markets.

“Pivet’s biggest opportunity to grow is through partnerships with local dealers,” he says. “Franchised dealers leveraging their expertise is where so much opportunity lies. We’re looking for dealers to provide services today and who want to prepare for (servicing) George Jetson’s flying car.”

Dealers joining Pivet’s network would do routine maintenance (such as tire repairs, oil changes and battery replacements) but also “complex repair work,” Fraser says.

Steve Finlay is a retired WardsAuto senior editor. He can be reached at [email protected].

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