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Council’s goal is to unite cultures.

Retail Dealer Suppliers Form DEI Council

“I believe vendors are specially positioned to influence the entire industry,” says Sandy Zannino of Innovative Auto HR.

Experts in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion announce the formation of a new Automotive Industry DEI Council, with membership aimed at organizations that provide products and services to retail auto dealers and associated businesses.

Managing the council is Sandy Zannino, founder and CEO of an independent consulting firm, Innovative Auto HR of Sarasota, FL. After a couple of preliminary online meetings to gauge interest, the group’s inaugural meeting is scheduled for April 19.

“The new council is for any organization that serves retail dealerships,” Zannino says in a phone interview. “Retailers have their own group, OEMs have their own, suppliers have their own,” so Zannino sees a need for a group intended specifically for vendors to dealers.

“I believe vendors are specially positioned to influence the entire industry. Because we touch everything –retail, OEMs and consumers,” she says.

Going forward, the agenda for the new council is for monthly one-hour virtual meetings for educational content, best practices, roundtable discussions, outside expert speakers and more, Zannino says.

The new Automotive Industry DEI Council is also partnered with the Center for Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement, based in Livonia, MI.

“Companies that work toward creating truly inclusive cultures will naturally experience more employee engagement and will be able to pull from a greater talent pool,” says Cheryl Thompson, founder and CEO of CADIA.

In a press release, Thompson says, “Industry forums like the Allied Industry Council are so important –members learn together and share best practices enabling companies to really drive their DEI strategy.”

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