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Acxiom/Treasure Data Venture Unsplash/John Schnobrich
A new offering allows dealerships to customize marketing, engage customers.

Partnership Powers On-Brand Marketing, Customer Retention

When it comes to data, act more like Disney, software provider Treasure Data tells automobile dealers.

Dealers want the data they collect to benefit their stores, but Andrew Shaffer, automotive industry principal of software provider Treasure Data, Mountain View, CA, suggests dealers consider how that data benefits their customers.

Disney does that, Shaffer reminds attendees at Automotive Retail 2022, presented by Reuters in Las Vegas.

“They know when you’ve been to their resort three times, five times,” he says. “We are bringing a platform to the (automotive) marketplace that’s really going to help brands create more relevant experience, ultimately help them drive better segmentation.”

Treasure Data partnered with San Francisco-based marketing and data management company Acxiom’s Real Identity to assist dealerships and OEMs in identifying, acquiring and retaining customers through cookieless technologies.

“We feel we’re bringing this brand to the marketplace that’s really going to help create a more relevant experience, ultimately help them drive better segmentation,” says John Campos, industry managing director-automotive for Acxiom. And as the December deadline for the FTC’s Safeguard Rule inches close, both speakers note their companies are dedicated to reducing clients’ risks in regulatory compliance.

Successful dealers find streamlined data systems are vital to target their marketing correctly, says Campos. That isn’t easy to achieve when considering trends in the metaverse that will soon include all forms of digital marketing. The question is how to track and engage customers across all channels.

“The Acxiom side of the equation is data and identity. And the Treasury data side of the equation is a platform to help you automate that customer experience,” Campos says. “(We combine efforts to provide) a single environment where you’re able to unify all your first-party data. ‘How did the customer engage on my website, my emails? In the future, it will be digital retailing. And we’re bringing all of that together in one environment.”

The new program streamlines data delivery and analysis and allows clients to optimize it.

“That’s where you can find out ‘Am I spending my marketing budget in the right place?’” Campos says. “And customers want you to know and remember who they are. And ultimately, the best customers are going to leverage their data to truly drive the most growth pre-and post-sale and deliver a truly personalized customer experience.”

The more efficient a dealership’s marketing and customer interactions, the more likely revenue and customer retention will grow, Campos says.

One stumbling block dealers face is how to keep their brand messages on target throughout the different channels.

“We help you drive more building-specific campaigns to get people (to your) the dealership by finding what’s important to them,” says Shaffer. “(You can) offer them a very unique opportunity, a very unique incentive to come into the dealership and drive greater service.”




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