Opening of Manheim facility
Opening ceremony for new Manheim vehicle recon center.

Manheim Opens Silicon Valley Recon Center

The facility will provide services to dealers, commercial consignors, manufacturers and mobility providers in the evolving automotive sector.

Anticipated growth in the vehicle-mobility space is one reason Manheim opened its 19th retail reconditioning site near the Silicon Valley in California.

The facility next to a Manheim auction site will provide mechanical and reconditioning services to dealers, commercial consignors, manufacturers remarketing off-lease vehicles and mobility providers in the evolving automotive sector.

The facility opening also is in preparation for an increased demand in reconditioning that is done at central locations instead of, say, individual dealerships. Manheim says it’s more efficient to do the latter.     

The center has seven vehicle lifts and a team of technicians who perform minor and major component repairs on about 100 vehicles a week

“Our proximity to Silicon Valley, home to many of tomorrow’s vehicle mobility providers, is just one more way we are poised to deliver tremendous value and meet client and industry needs,” says Greg Beck, general manager of Manheim San Francisco Bay, which includes the auction operation.

Manheim’s retail reconditioning includes a 140-point inspection, mechanical and body reconditioning, paint, detail and merchandising.

The company started to participate in the $24 billion retail reconditioning industry in 2015.

It has invested more than $17 million to build new 1-stop reconditioning facilities nationwide. Last year, Manheim handled more than 30,000 retail-ready vehicles.

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