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Justin Gasman

At Car Dealership (and Elsewhere), He’s King of BING

The best way to combat negative people is to be the most positive person you know.

It was Monday morning at the dealership, and I was making the rounds as I daily do.

I walked into the office upstairs and encountered four colleagues, all of whom seemed to be in an “off” mood. They are lovely people, but like everyone, they have their moments. This is where it all started.

I said “good morning” in my upbeat-smiling way and I got low-energy responses. I then stopped dead in my tracks and said, “Let’s try this again.”

bing button (003).jpgThey all looked up at me as I walked out of the office. I then turned around and reentered and shouted “BING” as I pointed to them. I smiled and said, “Good morning” again. They laughed. I started saying “BING” to everyone I encountered the rest of the day.

While some people have the ability to achieve positivity and maintain it, others have a difficult time remaining positive even for 30 seconds at a time.

We all know that eating healthy food, getting plenty of exercise, engaging with friends socially and having down time to reflect and recharge helps us achieve and maintain a positive state of mind.

The key is focusing on the things we can control. A friend told me to hold my hands straight out in front of me, fully extended. “Now move your arms around.” he said. “You see that?” he asked. “See what?” I said. “That is what you can control,” he said, meaning not to get hung up with things you can’t.

It’s really that simple.

We all face problems at some point. But the ability to shift that into a challenge will change your mindset. Setting realistic goals and changing your automatic response to things will allow brain chemistry to reset.

Take a break from the negative inputs most people are not even aware that they allow into their daily lives and routines.

Letting go of negative people doesn’t mean you hate them; it just means that you love yourself. There are some people who can’t function without negativity because bringing down other people makes them feel better.

The best way to combat negative people you encounter is to be the most positive person you know.

Take the time you need to re-evaluate relationships and the people you are connected to and spend the most time with.

Review the stream of social media you digest and filter it. Unsubscribe from things that bring you down and do not serve you. Decide which issues to stand up for and which to let pass. In the end does it really matter? As my grandfather would say, “What’s the difference?”

Refine your ability to direct your thoughts, effort, and energy into doing more productive things with the limited time you have each day. Everyone gets 24 hours.

A friend and mentor uses the term “scratch their record” often in our conversations. “BING” is a pattern interrupt, a record scratcher of sorts.

Say it in the car. Say it in the store. Say it to anyone you can and see what happens. I’ll bet they laugh and the energy in the room will immediately shift. “BING” has now become a brand and a message of positivity.

There are purple stickers and yellow BING buttons circulating the entire U.S. as we speak. It is a reminder to not allow negative people to rent space in your head. Bing is a thing and it’s here to stay. As educator Arthur Naething said, “Go forth and spread beauty and light.”

Justin Gasman is the financial services director at McCaddon Cadillac Buick GMC in Boulder, CO.

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