Recharge, Feel Good, Do a Better Job

Recharge, Feel Good, Do a Better Job

Admitting shortcomings is not failure. It’s a way to keep on the track to success. 

Here’s how to recharge your batteries, feel good about yourself and become a better dealership finance and insurance manager.

Make friends with the sales department folks. Regain their friendship and trust. If you’ve been a mean old bear, apologize for your past frustrations. Do what it takes to make things right with them.

Resolve to take cash deals without trepidation. Commit to working better as a team player. Join colleagues on their turf and discover new opportunities to tackle things from a fresh perspective.

Meet the customer at the salesperson’s desk, whenever possible.

Facilitate training classes for sales personnel with a well-planned curriculum. Quit blaming the sales personnel for not getting it right when you haven’t taken the time to train them.

Learn your products inside and out. Teach yourself to overcome objections. Practice. Perform drill rehearsals. Learn not to take no for an answer. Tear down the walls. Unlock the key to understanding customer buying habits. Get back some of the sense of humor you might have lost along the way. Smiling is contagious.

Resolve to read more. If you find you don’t have the time, get some audio books and start listening when you’re stuck in traffic. Some great books that come to mind: “The Tipping Point,” “Good to Great,” “Who Moved My Cheese,” “Awaken the Giant Within,” “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “Think and Grow Rich.”

Keep that notebook close at hand. Jot down your daily accomplishments and track the things you feel you need to work on. Admitting shortcomings is not failure. It’s a way to keep on the track to success.

Reward yourself for doing well by doing whatever makes you feel relaxed – golfing, bowling or taking the kids out for pizza on Saturday night.

Join a mastermind group. You don’t have to limit yourself to joining an F&I group. It can even be a group simply for those who want to achieve more by living their dreams.

Never stop expanding your horizons. Join new LinkedIn groups and challenge your thinking. Some of these groups can really make a difference.

Quit doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. This definitely defines insanity.

Seek out and find a mentor who helps you look at your world through different eyes. Do something different to inspire your mind to think again,

If you and your nutrition are on bad terms, make some needed changes by packing a lunch instead of eating junk food all day long. Throw back a few power shakes now and again to keep your energy level up.

Get your physical body in shape. Last year, I made the decision to lose weight and get into shape. I lost 40 pounds. It wasn’t easy. I had to change my habits and stick to my guns. I still do that, on a daily basis, but when you decide to change your mindset and take action, incredible things can happen.

Everything that has gotten in the way of your intended trajectory is up to you to change. But it will never happen if all you do is wish things would change. Form a plan and act on it.

It’s never too late to make a fresh start. To realize your potential, identify what’s not working and attack it. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Rebecca Chernek heads Chernek Consulting. Websites and feature an F&I interactive training platform. She is

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