Chrysler Changes Customer-Satisfaction Process

The new surveys will be in place Jan.1, will have no more than 10 questions and be sent by e-mail.

Chrysler LLC is changing how it solicits customer feedback, Steven Landry, executive vice president-North American Sales, confirms.

Letters are going to the dealer body today informing them of the change.

Chrysler will eliminate its current customer-satisfaction and service-satisfaction index surveys, which currently consist of 50 questions, are several pages long and ponderous for customers to complete.

Landry says the new surveys, which will be in place Jan. 1, will focus on two areas: “How did we (Chrysler) do as a company building the product? And how did the dealer do taking care of the customer?”

“We’ll be able to address the concerns on the product, and the dealer will be able to address concerns of the customer experience,” Landry tells Ward’s.

Questions for each area still are being determined, but chances are each segment likely will have no more than five questions, Landry says. In addition to having shorter surveys, Chrysler is transitioning from paper surveys and instead will e-mail to customers.

The surveys will be administered by an outside vendor and will be called the “Net Promoter Score” program. Doug Betts, Chrysler’s chief customer officer, will spearhead the new program.

Ward’s first reported on Sept. 9 Chrysler was considering revamping its surveys.

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