AIAM’s Stanton Decries ‘Confusing Array of Regulations’

The president of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers calls for a national energy policy to address regulations aimed at fuel economy and greenhouse-gas emissions.

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Management Briefing Seminars

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Auto makers are confronted by “a confusing array of regulations” targeting future fuel economy and greenhouse-gas emissions, Michael Stanton, president and CEO of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, laments in an interview following his Management Briefing Seminars address here Tuesday.

Stanton calls for a single national policy and organization to address the problems.

“Right now, we have to deal with the Department of Transportation (via the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.), the (federal) Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California,” Stanton says.

“All of them are regulating fuel economy or greenhouse gases, and their programs are all different and not compatible, making compliance difficult. It’s a waste of resources. What we need is a national policy (administered by) one agency. We need one cook in the kitchen.”

AIAM is a trade organization representing 14 foreign-based auto makers, four auto suppliers and the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Assn.

Stanton says both of the presumptive presidential candidates, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), are prepared to tackle the issue, if they should win election.

“The new guy will come out of the box to show his leadership,” Stanton predicts.

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