Ford Focus sales up 3362 in April in Mexico

Ford Focus sales up 336.2% in April in Mexico.

Mexico Production, Sales Post Double-Digit Gains in April

Total light-vehicle sales in Mexico rose 16.0% to 69,760 units, with light-trucks up 9.5% and passenger-car deliveries jumping 19.9%.

Mexico production soared 30.6% in April to 218,292 vehicles, fueled by a 23.7% growth in builds for export and a 5.7% uptick in domestic-market output.

Detroit Three production rose 8.5% to 105,599 units, led by gains of 36.3% and 25.1% at Ford Mexico and Chrysler Mexico, respectively. General Motors Mexico suffered an 18.3% drop in builds to 36,027.

Nissan Mexico output spiked 57.0% to 41,267 units, while Honda Mexico production climbed 77.5% to 4,713 and Toyota Mexico builds increased 58.1% to 4,358.

Volkswagen Mexico, the only European auto maker to produce light vehicles in significant volume, enjoyed a 75.5% gain to 49,891 units in April.

Total light-vehicle sales in Mexico rose 16.0% in April to 69,760 units, with light trucks up 9.5% and cars jumping 19.9%.

The Detroit Three combined for a 36.5% uptick in car sales to 14,534 units, led on a volume basis by GM’s 30.4% increase to 9,819. On a percentage basis, Ford was the big winner, posting a 107.1% jump to 2,797. Chrysler car deliveries rose 9.1% to 1,918.

Japanese auto makers recorded a 16.1% increase in car sales to 17,311 units. Volume-leader Nissan rose 15.3% to 12,393, while Suzuki Mexico led the pack on a percentage basis, albeit on just 575 units.

European auto makers combined for a 9.8% gain in car sales to 13,094 units. VW deliveries jumped 11.7% to 10,042, while Renault Mexico’s sales plummeted 27.9% to 840.

Standouts among individual nameplates included the Ford Focus (up 336.2%), Chevrolet Spark (160.4%), Honda Civic (351.6%) and Toyota Camry (137.5%).

In the light-truck segment, Detroit Three deliveries fell 7.6% to 10,253 units. Ford and Chrysler sales dipped 17.9% and 4.8%, respectively, while GM eked out a 3.2% gain.

Asian auto makers’ light-truck deliveries spiked 17.7% to 11,224. Nissan sales grew 21.9% to 5,651, while Honda posted a 68.0% gain to 2,412. Mazda Mexico saw sales drop 26.7% and Toyota deliveries were flat.

Light-truck sales among European auto makers climbed 64.5% to 3,344. Renault and Jaguar Land Rover Mexico performed well on a percentage basis, posting increases of 518.2% and 154.9%, respectively.

Mexico’s top-selling light trucks in April included the Dodge Journey (up 14.3%), Chevrolet Silverado (20.3%), Nissan Titan (441.7%) and VW Touareg (52.8%).

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