Mexico LV Sales Down in November

Mexico LV Sales Down in November

Year-over-year losses by both cars and light trucks left Mexico LV sales down 8.5% in November.

Dealers in Mexico delivered 141,295 light vehicles over 25 selling days in November, 8.5% lower than the November record of 154,417 set in 2016 with the same number of days.

Car sales plummeted 11.1% in November, the eighth month of consecutive year-over-year losses for the country. The top three automakers, accounting for 62.9% of the market, sunk for the month with Nissan down 13.7%, General Motors, 17.1% and Volkswagen, 19.6%. The No.1 automaker, Nissan continued to struggle to beat record car sales throughout 2016, with eight consecutive months of losses so far, but still was able to clinch 24.2% market share. Suzuki, on the other hand, pulled off a 136.6% leap with large gains by the Ciaz (+88.2%) and SX4 (+55.3%).

Although 2.6% ahead for the year, Mexico light-truck sales dipped 3.6% to 51,585 compared with like-2016’s 53,500. Ford was the only Detroit Three automaker to see a bump in sales, up 3.4%. FCA was off 16.8% and GM fell 35.3%. Individual light-truck models recording strong growth in the month included the Peugeot 3008 (857.1%), Land Rover Discovery (500.0%), Peugeot Manager (386.4%), and Volkswagen Crossfox (291.7%).

Nissan, Mexico’s single best-selling brand, posted a 6.8% LV sales decrease, to 331,288 in January-November from 355,515 in like-2016. Second-place GM dropped 14.1%, to 228,797 units from 266,242, while No.3 Volkswagen posted a 5.7% decrease, to 196,945 vehicles from 208,780.

LV sales trailed 2.8% for the year, totaling 1,370,040 deliveries, down from 1,409,519 year-ago.

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