The luxurybrandrsquos spot garnered 1659 million impressions in the week

The luxury-brand’s spot garnered 165.9 million impressions in the week.

Infiniti’s Driving Test Ad Gets Top Grade

Toyota still dominates the Most Engaging Auto Ads list, taking three of the top five spots, including a No.5 finish for its Lexus luxury brand.

Infiniti’s fun take on a driving test lands at the top of the latest weekly Most Engaging Auto Ads rankings, powered for WardsAuto by

The spot features a teenage girl who effortlessly navigates the Q50S around an obstacle course, much to the surprise of her instructor, who’s left speechless by the time she whips into a parallel parking space to complete the test. With more than 165.9 million impressions, this was the most-watched ad last week. 

Toyota’s commercial for the ’18 C-HR – a flirtatious take on the gingerbread man fairy tale, complete with a red-haired driver and a stiletto-clad seductress – slips from first to second place.

Subaru celebrates nostalgia with its third-place spot for the ’16 Forester that tugs at the heartstrings. A father, cleaning out the family’s old Subaru before giving it to his daughter, basks in the memories made with the vehicle over the years.

Toyota shows up again at No.4 with an ad urging buyers to “explore, dream, discover” with the ’17 Corolla, whether that means making music, following sheep through a forest or speeding along a city block. And Toyota’s luxury arm, Lexus, finishes out the ranking with a commercial for the ’17 ES 350, a car the brand calls “your daily retreat.” The ad fell from second place in the previous week’s ranking. is a real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics from 10 million smart-TV screens.Data provided by

1. Infiniti: Spring Event: Driving Test

165,916,299 Impressions, 95.61 Attention Score, $1,826,045 Est. TV Spend

2. Toyota: Gingerbread Man

133,023,239 Impressions, 88.08 Attention Score, $3,060,142 Est. TV Spend

3. Subaru: Making Memories

128,617,414 Impressions, 94.49 Attention Score, $2,069,632 Est. TV Spend

4. Toyota: Bowlines

127,573,369 Impressions, 89.27 Attention Score, $2,972,783 Est. TV Spend

5. Lexus: Daily Retreat: July Offer

125,648,392 Impressions, 89.64 Attention Score, $2,813,352 Est. TV Spend

TV Impressions - Total TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.
Attention Score - Measures the propensity of consumers to interrupt an ad play on TV. The higher the score, the more complete views. Actions that interrupt an ad play include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV.
Est. National TV Spend - Amount spent on TV airings for the brand’s spots.

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