Canada Big Truck Sales Ahead 6.4% Through Quarter 2

Canada Big Truck Sales Ahead 6.4% Through Quarter 2

With double-digit gains in nearly every class, Canada medium- and heavy-duty truck sales were 26.1% ahead same-period 2016.

Canadian medium- and heavy-duty truck sales grew 26.1% on a daily sales basis in June. Deliveries totaled 3,826 units compared with 3,035 in like-2016, WardsAuto data shows. Large year-over-year gains were seen in all weight classes.

Sales in Class 8 were 22.9% above last year’s with 2,478 deliveries. Daimler’s Western Star (-15.9%) was the only manufacturer in the group to decline with 233 units. Sister brand Freightliner grew 15.2% with 699 deliveries, resulting in a 5.4% boost for Daimler. International performed the best in the group in June, soaring 67.6% with 419 deliveries. PACCAR’s Kenworth and Peterbilt increased in sales with 40.5% and 8.8% gains, respectively. Mack (+12.8%) and Volvo Truck (+48.6%) ended the month with year-over-year gains as well.

Through the second quarter, Class 8 sales were a sliver ahead of 2016 at 11,687 units compared with 11,635.

Medium-duty truck sales grew to 1,348 units, a 32.3% rise from year-ago’s 1,019. Year-to-date, Classes 4-7 were 16.7% ahead of last year totaling 7,891 deliveries.

The only class to underperform in June, Class 7, ended the month with 335 deliveries, 5.1% behind 2016’s 353. Even with the hit, year-to-date sales were still up 3.8%. For the month of June, Ford was able to remain at 13 units but managed to tick up 0.2 percentage points in market share to 3.9%. Volume leader International slid to 100 units, 38 units below same-period 2016 and dropping nearly 10 percentage points in market share. Peterbilt was the only other manufacturer in this class to take a hit, falling 10.3%. Hino saw the largest growth with a 22.7% bump to 81 units. Freightliner was able to tick up 1.9% with a one-unit increase.

Thanks to Hino (+63.9%) and International (+90.9%), Class 6 soared 37.0% to 111 units. Ford and Freightliner remained flat with six and 23 units, respectively. Peterbilt plummeted 80.0% but on small volume, leaving PACCAR with a fall of 60.0% to two units.

Totaling 735 units, Class 5 performed the best of any class last month with a 61.9% rise in sales. Hino had a great month, more than doubling its sales from 95 to 191 deliveries. FCA, Ford and Isuzu recorded double-digit gains of 50.0%, 56.1% and 47.0%, respectively. Despite these large gains, market share dropped for the three manufacturers while Hino swooped in and rose to 26.0% from 20.9%. Mitsubishi and International were the only ones to underperform in the group, dropping 50.0% and 33.3%, respectively, but both on small volume.

With large gains in domestics and imports, Class 4 hit 167 deliveries, a 27.5% gain. For the third month in a row, Class 4 has had double digit year-over-year gains. Daimler and Hino tied for first place with growth of 450.0% and 11 units each. Ford grew 17.8% with the highest volume of the group. Isuzu’s domestic line fell 3.7% but increased its imports 30.0%.

Through June, Canada medium- and heavy-duty truck sales were up 6.4% with 19,578 deliveries.

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