Proposed Anti-Drop Out Law: No Diploma, No Driver’s License Test

When I was a teen, you could identify high-school dropouts by the cars they drove. Nice ones, often sporty, shiny and new.

In contrast, kids who stayed in school typically drove old beaters or uncool family cars on a parental-loan basis.

But after leaving school prematurely, drop outs usually went to work in low-end jobs, yet ones that provided money for new wheels – if someone were willing to devote the lion’s share of earnings to car payments.

Unfortunately, plenty of under-educated kids did and do that.

We might soon spot drop outs for a much different reason: as people without cars because potential laws bar them from getting a driver’s license. (For most motorists, but alas not some scofflaws, a driver’s license is a prerequisite for driving.)

Here is what looms in the legislative horizon. Lawmakers in some states want to link driving privileges to school attendance.

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